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Practice Management

Discover Medilink's practice management software solutions.
It's what we do.
Experienced and accredited
Medilink’s Practice Management software is the core source for all other modules. We were accredited by Medicare in 2002 and again with ECLIPSE for the Health Funds in 2004. In 2010 we were accredited with Medicare Easyclaim for two major banks allowing for the use of HICAPS, and later, TYRO EFTPOS terminals. This gives all of our practices and their patients great financial freedom. 
Designed for you
Purposefully designed and built modules are seamless integrated for the many and varied needs of our clients, be they large corporate or hospital entities with hundreds of providers spread over multiple sites with needs that may require customised solutions or a single man provider with simplistic needs, GP’s, Specialist and or Allied Health professionals, Medilink has a track record second to none.
Multi-disciplined practices
Medilink also smoothly facilitates multi-discipline practices (Specialist, Allied Health, GP on the one system) with flexible billing per provider. There's also a cloud-based app for mobile appointments and billing option for providers on the go. This app can be used on any device connected to the internet (phone, tablet, or computer). Billing can be transacted with payments made on the spot using our integrated TYRO EFTPOS terminal.


Your activity hub
Medilink’s appointment book is the digital hub of all activities. From one screen, you have access to patient bookings, SMS reminders, and clinical records (test results and MIMS script options). Also at your fingertips are comprehensive billing types that include integrated EFTPOS (HICAPS and TYRO with Medicare Easyclaim), ECLIPSE, Medicare Online and DVA Streamline Claiming. 
Increased cash flow
Medilink clients hugely benefit from increased cash flows and efficiencies. Medilink was first to market with all of the above claiming abilities and the associated initiatives. The longevity of experience shows in smarter and refined methodologies as we continue to produce new features and modules for you. 
Intuitive and effective
With a custom colour-coding system, users can see appointment types and statuses quickly at a glance. This makes for a highly efficient and accountable patient processing system.With comprehensive reporting, cancellation/no-show tracking, and many other market-leading features, the Medilink Appointment Book is sure to benefit your practice. 


Medilink’s Reports purposely uses an embedded bench mark product: Crystal Reports. This provides great flexibility including exporting as various file formats, such as Microsoft Excel. You can also save reports to PDF for printing or viewing. 
Keep your banking organised
Banking Reports are designed to satisfy the banks needs as well as those of the practice management. These can be run and viewed at any time, then can be “ruled-off”, printed and are managed via our Run Number system.
Wide range of reports
Reports are comprehensive and many have been designed and supplied to practices over many years to satisfy their needs. If you can't find a report that suits your needs, you can submit a request for a custom report. 

For the providers

We look after your providers
Medilink not only does its best to look after your practice, equally important is the work performed by your Servicing Providers. We uniquely provide for all types of professionals servicing patients, be they GP’s, Specialist or Allied Health, under the same roof, using the same Server. We also ensure that each provider can share or have their own billing rates for the same servicing Item Numbers or different.
Facilitating your consultations
Methodical processing of their patients seen flows in a very natural sense. It simply flows from Patient bookings in Medilink’s Appointment Book (Status showing as Booked, Confirmed, Waiting, In-Service). Medilink’s Clinical interface opens showing past Consultations, Scripts, Results, Referrals and much more, with the final Status being “Finished”.

For the patients

The best outcome
Patients are one of the most important parts of your practices business. Their health-related issues are for your expert providers to care for and tend to. The efficiency of the management of your patients patients can be considerably enhanced using effective software that is purposefully designed to ensure the best outcome for you and your patients.
Organised and effective
From the very beginning, Medilink is there helping you look after your patient, whenever they need your services. Bookings are the first step which can be made Online, over the phone or by SMS. Medilink’s Appointment Book helps with its stepping stone approach. Manage your patients with ease throughout your medical and financial processes.
Financial wellbeing
We care about your patients and their financial health. Our billing types give the potential for immediate rebates via Easyclaim, Medicare Online, DVA or ECLIPSE. The right choice here can considerably ease the patients financial pressure.

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