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Medilink accommodates for a wide spectrum of billing and claiming options.
Medicare Easyclaim
Integrated Easyclaim
Medilink does all the work, Integration means hands off and fast processing of your claims.
Lightning fast rebates
Easyclaim is just that, with 2 swipes of the patients card of choice, their rebate is paid within 11 seconds.

Multiple providers
Multi-merchant ensures all your Providers are paid daily in their nominated account.
Proprietary security so your customers can pay with certainty.
Count on Tyro with 99.9% uptime and stay connected with 24/7 Aussie customer support.
Medilink Direct Support can help you setup and configure your Tyro Easyclaim module. Extensive training is available on request.

Online claiming with Medicare and DVA

Online claiming facilitates private patient billing and bulk billing for both Medicare and DVA claims for GP's, specialists, and allied health professionals. 
Efficient and effective
Claim one day, receive payment the next. This system helps practices manage their claiming and can increase cash flow.
Benefit from expertise
We were first to integrate with Medicare Online back in 2002, and have more more knowledge and experience than any other competitor. 

In-hospital claiming with ECLIPSE

Benefit from experience
Medilink achieved another successful first to market, working intimately with the Health Funds and Medicare, in 2004. The benefits again have been hugely rewarding for Specialist performing In-Patient services for their patients.
Get paid faster
Prior to us helping invent this online system, practices using paper-based claims were commonly waiting a month or more to be paid. Now, it is often within a few days.
Real-time quoting
Patients benefit with your ability to provide real-time quotes. It allows them to be aware of any out of pocket expenses that may be associated with their operations.

Third-party claiming with LanternPay


Medilink is delighted to introduce our latest partner, LanternPay, a digital point-of-sale solution that allows providers to immediately confirm client eligibility, submit invoices, online Invoice approvals and receive payments from TAC the next business day.

100% online invoicing
It takes moments to create and submit an invoice. 
Instant invoice decision
Client eligibility for accident-related services is instantly assessed. 
Receive payments faster
You’ll receive payment for approved invoices the next business day.
The following services are eligible to be invoiced to the TAC via LanternPay.
  • Allied health

  • Pharmacy

  • Equipment Under $1,000

  • Mental Health

  • Interpreting services

  • Medical (excluding surgery)

  • Home services

  • TAC-requested reports

  • The TAC is delighted to introduce LanternPay, a digital point-of-sale solution that allows providers to immediately confirm client eligibility, submit invoices and receive payment from us the next business day. Providers can have complete confidence they'll be paid quickly and efficiently when they treat TAC clients.
    Bruce Crossett, Head of Rapid Recovery, TAC
  • LanternPay is a straight-forward, easy to use integration with Medilink. Whilst Medilink provides excellent patient appointment and accounts functionality, LanternPay allows electronic invoicing of TAC claims, in a process like Eclipse. LanternPay has the added features of advising whether the fee charged will require an out-of-pocket payment by the patient, and provides instant verification that the invoice submitted will be paid.
    Colin B. Dr Anastasia Chrysostomou, North Melbourne, Victoria

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