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Welcome to Medilink

Since 1989 Medilink has been at the forefront of technology uses for Australian Medical Practices. The benefits afforded to our Clients and their Patients are unquestionably the best of any Software Provider. If your priorities are for your Patient’s medical and financial wellbeing, rewards should stem from the right choice of professional Practice Management Software. Your investment needs should be to maximise efficiencies that are essential to your businesses success. From Patient satisfaction to your Practice financial health, Servicing Providers and Staff, serious consideration should be for Medilink’s products and services.


Medilink seamlessly integrates with many solutions for the many varied needs of our Clients. These may be large Corporate or Hospital entities with hundreds of Providers spread over multiple sites, needs that may require customised solutions, or a Single Provider with streamlined needs. Purposely designed for Specialist, General Practitioner and Allied Health professionals, Medilink has a track record second to none.


Medilink was first to market with numerous online claiming modules. Going paperless is not only about saving paper but importantly, as specialised integrated solutions, they are considerably more cost-effective and efficient. Other benefits include reducing duplication of data entry which in turn reduces errors.


At Medilink, Research and Development with the latest technologies are core to delivering the latest tools to our clients. Our varied solutions provide for both technically advanced software and hardware uses. Medilink now includes mobile cloud based solutions ensuring the needs of today’s Providers are met.

Medilink Deployments

Medilink has deployment solutions for any Practice. These deployments cover standard Windows Desktop installations, Windows Terminal Services clients and our Hosted solution. The Medilink Online cloud based companion application compliments these deployments for Providers that require mobility and connectivity to the Practice.


Whilst maintaining our traditional range of products, Medilink will continue to grow and expand, complemented by a our new generation of cloud / web based products and services.Your existing data could be seamlessly captured in your cloud, and organically grown with the aid of these new modules. Effectively creating a migration path, whilst building a modern, more reliable database.


Take advantage of our Web Hosting and Managed Services. Existing Medilink products and associated data can be transferred to your new Server in our Managed Server environment to comply with Medicare’s new strict rules for privacy and security. Medilink can now better assist Practices with this great new service.


Mobile Billing and Appointments Apps are now available. Mobile friendly on most devices, take advantage of Tyro’s mobile EFTPOS for payments and Medicare Claims. The first of the new cloud / browser based products to complement our existing range, and benefit your Practice. Providing a seamless migration of data to your cloud. Will prove more cost effective in many ways, and more reliable.

Medilink Solutions

The way forward has always been the same, making the right decisions based on the beliefs and understanding of our Practices needs, in continuing to streamline their businesses with the use of latest technologies. This is what we really enjoy doing, helping Practices help their Patients.

Practice Management

Medilink’s Practice Management Software is the core source for all other modules. Our modules are seamlessly integrated for the many and varied needs of our clients, be they large Corporate or Hospital entities with hundreds of Providers spread over multiple sites with needs that may require customised solutions or a Single Provider with minimal requirements. Medilink also smoothly facilitates Multi-Discipline Practices consisting of Specialist, General Practitioner, and Allied Health Providers within the one system with flexible billing per Provider. Our upcoming cloud-based application for Mobile Appointments and Billing compliments the core desktop application giving mobile Providers access to crucial data anytime, anywhere.


Medilink uniquely provides for all types of healthcare professionals servicing Patients, from Specialist and General Practitioner’s to Allied Health using the same Server. Medilink ensures that each Provider can share or have their own billing rates for the same servicing Item Numbers or different, the flexibilities as may be required.


Medilink starts helping look after your Patients whenever they need your services. With integrated Patient bookings from Online, Phone or eMessaging, Medilink’s Appointment Book is the totally integrated solution. Helping to manage your Patients through the various processes to finalisation of each consultation and the ongoing management, both medical and financial as required.


Medilink’s Appointment Book is the digital hub of all activities. From Patient bookings, SMS Reminders and Clinical to comprehensive billing types that include integrated HICAPS and TYRO, ECLIPSE, Medicare Online and DVA Streamline Claiming. Intuitive, ease of use, with a colour-coding, see at a glance system that simply and progressive flows. Together, makes for highly efficient and accountable Patient processing. Cancellations and no-shows are tracked, reporting is comprehensive together with many other market leading features.

Billing and Claiming

The ability to get paid for your services in caring and managing your Patient’s health is what you do, but at times consideration for the Patient’s financial well-being may be overlooked. Medilink’s software provides practices with efficient tools to help you achieve the ideals of both. Your decisions as to who and why you may bulk bill is your business, as is the other billing and claiming methods and systems that you use. Smart use of the systems that we provide can help benefit your patients and at the same time help with your practices efficiency and financial health. Medilink’s offerings here are beyond most others and the systems used can ensure the ideals of your business management strategies in maximising income and cash flows, and minimising bad debts, whilst offering best of breed payment solutions to your patients.


This paperless online system uses certified EFTPOS terminals. It is the fastest payment system for patient rebates, encouraging rapid payment of services. Medilink worked very closely with Medicare (HIC then, now The Department of Human Services), Health Funds and some Banks to develop each of their initiatives for Online Claiming and Payment Systems. Easyclaim being the last of these three, when we became the first to offer HICAPS in 2010 and then TYRO as integrated EFTPOS claiming solutions to Medicare and or the Health Funds. Easyclaim is as the name suggests, is easy. Only one extra quick step is required when using one of the two abovementioned Medicare certified EFTPOS terminals. The direct benefits are to both the patient and the practice with immediate payments and on the spot rebates to the patient’s bank account.


Online Claiming for Private Patient Billings, and Bulk Billings of Medicare and DVA claims, for GP’s, Specialist and Allied Health practices. This is a highly efficient system, with payment turnaround times being rapid, often the next day. First to develop and successfully deploy Medicare Online (HIC Online previously) in 2002 Medilink has the more interment knowledge and expertise than any other competitor. Our clients have continued to benefit from the efficiencies of these online claiming systems with considerable improvements in cash flow and greater improvements in being paid in worst case scenario’s via Medicare’s 90 Day Cheque Payment scheme.


Medilink achieved another successful first to market, working intimately with the Health Funds and Medicare, in 2004. The benefits again have been hugely rewarding for Specialist performing In-Patient services for their patients. Prior to us helping invent this online system practices using paper based claims were commonly takin a month or more to be paid. Now it is often within a few days. Patients have also benefited via the practices real time quoting, knowing up front potentially any out of pocket costs that maybe associated with their operations. Again win, wins for all concerned thanks to Medilink caring about your practices bottom line and in helping you help your patients with their financial well-being.


Medilink’s Digital Health Record system has been purposefully designed as an ideal tool for servicing providers ease of use. Clinical notes, consult recording, has never been quicker and easier. Historical records are all at your fingertips, clearly, rapidly and secured. Scripts, Repeat Scripts and Favourites all benefit from this speed of use. Medilink’s Document Management System (DMS, all patient related documents and images be they scanned or imported. Images can be used and drawn over whilst consulting) and MIMS Script, Secure eMessaging for Pathology Request and Results helps bring all ends together through the one clinical record interface.


Managing your note taking just got easier with Medilink's template system. You customise your daily clinical note to streamline your time in front of the screen and away from your patient. Pathology warnings ensure you never miss a result, All the features of Medilink are at your finger tips during your consultations.


MIMS partners with Medilink to give you the end user, access to current medicine information in real time e.g. during a patient consultation the software provides alerts where prescribed drugs may interact. MIMS Integrated is their most fully featured product. Features Include being able to generate Repeat Scripts with 3 Clicks of a mouse.


Linking your Pathology and Radiology results gives you instant access while consulting. Review your results by provider or by patient allows fast detection. Medilink allows the provider to activate a reminder to discuss the result during the patients next consultation. Easily track and mange your incoming results ensuring the results are attached to the right patient.

Document Management

Medilink improves Practice workload efficiencies using our comprehensive Document Management System, Microsoft Word integration and reporting using Crystal Reports. The Document Management System supports scanning in LAN or Terminal Server environments allowing for multi-site scanning solutions. Secure Messaging is also managed via the DMS allowing for two way secure communication between healthcare stakeholders. Using Microsoft Word for Letters ensures compatibility and features rich editing functionality. Crystal Reports allows for accurate reporting and can be exported to many formats.


Medilink’s Letters feature uses the best benchmark MS Word. We simply enhance it’s uses for our clients for methodical use and speedy access. Various default templates are available and users can add and customise their use of Word for Letter writing to suite their various needs. Management of these outgoing Patient Letters can be further enhanced via our methodical process of using Secured Messaging. Referral Letters can be ideally sent via any of the NEHTA government approved secure eMessaging providers from within Medilink with the click of a button. (Argus, HealthLink, Medical Objects and ReferralNet).


Medilink’s Document Management System is also another very good module for the purposes. Not just simply for scanning but it is the centre piece of all a practices documents, be they Letters raised internally or any form of file type that needs to be read, used and stored (e.g. from within our clinical module images can be used to drawn on and saved with patient’s consultations). Thumb nail viewing, clicking on View will open the file in its native form. Filtering for speedy searching, Copying and Emailing directly from within are also other niceties. Bulk scanning and attaching is an another valued option.


Medilink reporting tools cover Accounting, Patient demographics, Appointments and Theatre Lists and much more. These reports can be exported into many file types including .CSV, .XLSX and .PDF. Custom reports are available to support the unique needs of your Practice. Reports are comprehensive and many have been designed and supplied to Practices over many years to satisfy their reporting requirements. These reporting tools are extensive within the Medilink application.

Patient Engagement

Whether communicating with your Patients via SMS, engaging with them via Marketing Promotions or improving Appointment Bookings, Medilink has you covered. Patients can be emailed documents or a copy of their invoice directly from their account with our new Print to PDF module. Communicating with staff and Providers is simple with our Internal Messaging system. We are currently improving this functionality by developing our Task Management module. Medilink integrates with Secure Messaging companies for transmitting of Referral Letters. These providers can also transmit other messages for example Pathology Results and Requests.

Appointment SMS Notifications

Medilink Integrates with a 100% Australian owned and run SMS provider to deliver this invaluable appointment reminder system for your patients. All appointments are automatically confirmed by your patients from their mobile phone. This has been proven to reduce non-attendances by 98%. Medilink track and display when the SMS is sent, received and then confirmed all without touching a thing.

Patient Engagement

Feedback from our client base is something we at Medilink not only look for but request. This is a prime example, A number of clients recently requested we create a module that is all based around marketing their services to their patients. This service would also be specific to alerting patients that had attended previously but not in recent times. This module will allow you to create your own promotion program and engage with your patients.

Online Appointments

Medilink's online appointment module allow you to select specific appointments that will be visible to the public on the practices web site for them to accept as their intended booking. The services include searching for your practice or provider and the services they offer. Bookings can me made direct from this web site. This also acts as a promotional tool to attract new patient to your practice.


Medilink integrates with over 18 market leading Partners that deliver through Medilink valuable tools that improve Provider and Patient experiences. Our Partner list has been carefully curated to provide you with the very best the market can deliver. If your requirements are billing, communications, secured data or office integrations Medilink has you covered.

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